Artist Director, Anita Gilray B.A.Hon.,B.F.A

Programs and Workshop Schedules

The Farmhouse Art School offers programs of study for all ages and Levels of experience, in various disciplines on full-time or part-time basis. The flexible ongoing program of study in Drawing principles, encourages students to advance at their own pace. Those applying Painting and other Media applications can follow the segmented module course format for both registered students and returning alumnae.

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Drawing Foundations

Beginner level for those with little or no experience. Drawing is the basis of creating imaginable and realistic imagery, presented on underlying concepts and building blocks that include light and shadow, near and far, balance and rhythm, color, texture and mass. Some students may choose to explore the human figure in life drawing from the model. Others may prefer seasonal outdoor Landscape, or indoor Studio comfort exploring portrait, still life, abstraction or particular styles and color theory such as Impressionism, the Surreal, book illustration or Journal imagery.

Intermediate Drawing

A new approach for those with some experience, we investigate how our imagery reflects and could benefit from discussion of the works of old masters and also new contemporary artists. This work includes close study applying principles of their techniques and your own to achieve more depth, drama, sensitivity and expression. We further explore the importance of choosing your statement – what do you want to say? This is just as important as your choice of medium – pencil, charcoal, drawing inks, pastels or watercolors, and mixed medium incorporating digital or print material and imagery of your preference. With an extensive choice of multi medium art materials included in class, you can experiment and learn about your favorites.

Advanced Drawing

A refresher as well as new approach and concepts for those with previous skill, technique and decided direction in their work wanting to enhance images with deeper impact, immediacy and personal signature that bears your committment to your theme. For some, this course is ideal preparation for portfolio development and personal challenge in streamlining a decisive and powerful statement in your work, directed towards professional and academic goal setting.

Painting Foundations

A starter course with some introductory drawing as a base for applying color concepts development with recognizable objects, such as ‘a tree is a tree’ realism and form. These concepts and techniques form the basis of creative expression and abstraction, for those with a flair for the intuitive and sublime in their work. With an extensive choice of multi medium art materials included in class, you can experiment with technique and learn about your favorites.

Intermediate Painting

A course designed for those with some experience wanting to enrich their imagery to achieve a more complete and convincing personal statement. The course examines a strategy for establishing your own criterion of what makes your images powerful and how to manifest that end in the studio for your own portfolio development. Some introductory principles devoted to archive and biographic development and presentation of your portfolio aims for ultimate exhibition bookings, or furthering education and admissions goals.


Advanced Painting

Appealing to those with a firm direction and signature in their work already, students will press their parameters for stronger and renewed freshness. Building on themes that draw from the richness of your personal archetypes and experience, this course will launch you further in your chosen media options of expression.

SPRING/SUMMER/FALL2017-2018 IndoorStudio/Outdoor Workshops Register early !!!  Beginner to Advanced, your class is limited to 6 or 8 persons.  Landscape, Waterscape, Portrait, Life Drawing and Abstraction.  Highest grade professional Painting and Drawing materials are included in class: Oils, WaterColor, Acrylics, Printmaking and Sculpture. We will assist you in customizing your schedule, your choice of medium or supplies, and we guide you in identifying and achieving the creative goals you set.

2017 May – October 2018 Thornbury Harbor 10 am-1pm Monday to Thursday enjoy a Day on the Water.   Total 3hr

Option: Friday to Sunday, or choose the Monday as well.

2017 March to Nov. 2018  Mornings or Afternoons: Weekdays. Monday through Friday 10 am-1pm,  L.E.Shore Memorial Library, Bruce Street, Thornbury ON.  Total 5hr.

Weekend:Saturday 10am-1pm/Sunday 11am-1 pm. Total 5hr 

Days or Evenings flexible as 2 or 3 hr for a Total 5hrs.

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