Artist Director, Anita Gilray B.A.Hon.,B.F.A

Farmhouse Art School of Painting and Drawing

Founded in 1986 by Artist and Director Anita Gilray, The Farmhouse Art School offers classes in Fine Arts to all levels and ages. Art Supplies are included in small classes of not more than 8 students, in semi private instruction to ensure the best experience and one on one attention. Registration for art workshops rotates monthly all year round for the most flexible scheduling for daytime, evenings, weekends and holidays. Choose your medium: oils, watercolor, drawing, acrylic, photography, life drawing, landscape, portrait, realism and abstraction. We are proud of our more than 3,500 graduates of all ages now continuing careers as professional artists. Additionally, our year 2000 special needs Art Therapy Program introduced the first of its kind providing creative arts life enrichment to private clients and families, Community Day Programs and our many progressive local Long Term Care facilities.


Flexible Schedule 2015-2016

Four Season 2015-2016 Indoor and Outdoor Workshops

Painting•Drawing•Mixed Media•Landscape•Waterscape•Portrait•Life Drawing•Abstraction•

Experiment to start and then choose your own preferred Medium: Oils, Water Color, Acrylics, Print Making, Sculpture or Drawing.

• Collingwood • Thornbury

The Blue Mountains • Meaford

Owen Sound • Wiarton • Lions Head

• Sauble Beach •

Art Instruction for Children and Adults • Semi Private or Private

2015-2016 FOUR SEASON Schedule Workshops: Art Materials are included. Class size is 2-5 persons

Mid Week Mornings and Afternoons: Mon-Thurs 10-1pm •1 p.m. to 4 p.m. • Weekender: Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 pm Sunday 10 a.m.

Register Online for Day or Evening: two classes • Total of 6 hours.


Here’s What Our Students Say…

Positive reinforcement and consultation method very empowering. Very satisfied with your guidance to help me  identify goals, as well as hands on exploring color and technique.  Anita, your positive attitude and calmness is transmitted in a multitude of ways – your love of Art, color and experiencing life through art is very evident and contagious.  Thank you !  Susan Morton, Ottawa

My Year One:  I am particularly interested in drawing rock, water, shores and sky, and I learned a lot.  Demonstrations are very thorough, organized, and clearly presented with lots of excellent tips.  Good quality materials all included to experiment with.   Very positive – it goes far beyond what I expected.  I’ll be back !  Tiuu Jalakas, Toronto

My Year Two: Excellent  material resources and location.  Very encouraging  and learnd to do a wash mask in acrylic paint.  The Thornbury Harbor is is an inspiring  location and comfortable as well as conveniences.  I can’t imagine what else you could do to improve my experience.  Tiuu Jalakas with her nephew, Toronto

I was very satisfied.  You talked with me about what I wanted to do in the workshop and planned it out together.  Acrylics paint, foling paper paintings into Airplanes sculpture and building moving Sculpture.  Lots of really good art supplies.  And My Birthday Party – thank you for the cupcakes and surprise party!   August Jalakas Age 10  with his Aunt, Toronto

Being brand new, I learned a lot and couldn’t wait to learn more, and have returned a second year.  Class discussions and demonstrations really supported the new material, techniques and ideas and gave good visual aids.  I understood the process more, and was able to expand on that much more the second year.  Janet Taylor, Year One and Two, Thornbury

I was so happy to learn an organized and methodical way to organize my colors and my palette.  You present things so well and were so helpful in getting me started again.  Felt like home at the waterfront studio – and nice and bright natural light.   Great listening in when you were working with others, and understanding those principles which were the same for both mediums – oils and acrylics.  So understandable.  I hope to take another workshop in the future.  I’ll get my easle out and we’ll celebrate !  Linda Geisler, Clarksburg

I now have three wonderful paintings, when I expected no more than one !  I learned tons about mixing and different styles of painting, and stuff I didn’t know before.  The variety of included art materials were a really good artist’s quality Windsor Newton paints and supplies.  They were so good we even bought some to keep us painting at home too.  Shannon, Age 10 – a Mother Daughter Team   Read the rest of this page »

Meet Artistic Director Anita Gilray B.A., B.F.A.Phil.Hons.

Meet with Artist and Director, Anita Gilray, Founder of Farmhouse Art School since 1986. Read from our 3500 student as they explore their creative side and share a passion for the Arts in  Student Testimonials

Contact Us for a one on one consultation with Anita to discuss your unique interests, goals, and your dream of finding the artist within you.  Registration all year, days, evenings, weekends and holidays.  Take a look at our flexible  Art Programs


We’ve Expanded to The Bruce Penninsula!

Our 30 years bringing Painting and Drawing, Fine Arts to four season communities expanded throughout the Bruce Peninsula in 2011.  Our workshop locations now additionally include Wiarton, Lions Head, Sauble Beach, Red Bay, Stokes Bay, Oliphant and Owen Sound.  In year 2000. we introduced the first Program of it’s kind in special needs Art Therapy. Our vital presence to the South in Meaford, Thornbury, Collingwood and the Blue Mountains continues since 1986.

Art supplies are included in class and no experience is necessary. Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter is a great time to make a new start in Painting and Drawing Art Workshops for Beginners! or brush up on your experience  and be ready for Summer Landscape classes!

Choose your preferred class level, medium and location and Register here! Simply send us your details, Name, postal Address, Phone, Email and Course selection. Or talk to us directly about your interests at (519) 534-3636 on the Bruce Peninsula or (519) 599-3777 in the Town of Blue Mountains.  Email here.

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Our Harbor Studio Locations

Locations on the Shores of Georgian Bay: Collingwood, Blue Mountains, Thornbury, Meaford. And on the Bruce Penninsula: Wiarton, Sable Beach, Lion’s Head, and the Grotto at Bruce Penninsula National Park. Read the rest of this page »